Morgowr Ov, I’m Morgowr – Bilingual in Cornish/English


Winner of 2019 Holyer an Gof Publishers’ Awards for Children’s Books in Cornish and the Lien Kernewek Cup from the Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek (the Cornish Language Fellowship).

Cornish/English speaking CD included!

First sighted and reported in 1876, Morgowr (Cornish for ‘Sea Giant’) is believed to live in Falmouth Bay and Helford River estuary.

Morgower (a Plesiosaur) tells her own story of how her family survived the Cretaceous extinction of the dinosaurs and why she came to Cornwall.

This is the first Cornish/English bilingual book in the Morgowr series by Judy Scrimshaw.

The Morgowr books support the RNLI.

Gwelys ha derivys orth an kynsa prys yn 1876 veu Morgowr; y krysir bos Morgowr (‘Kowr an Mor’ yn Kernewek) trigys yn Pleg Mor Aberfala ha heyl an Dowr Mahonyer.

Morgowr (Plesiosaur) a dheriv hy hwedhel hy honan fatel dreusvewas hy theylu difeudhans Kalghek an arghpedrevanes ha prag y teuth hi dhe Gernow.

Hemm yw an kynsa lyver diwyethek  Kernewek/Sowsnek y’n kevres Morgowr gans Judy Scrimshaw.

Lyvrow Morgowr a re gweres arghans dhe’n RNLI.

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