Morgowr Stories written by you!

Welcome to my page dedicated to Morgowr stories written by the children, along with their paintings - to be added soon.
This first story is written by Saul, age 8 years. Morgowr is a male Sea Giant (why not?) and is called ‘The Morgowr’;
Judy originally wrote the Ballad like this until she was instructed that in Cornish ‘Morgowr’ means ‘THE Sea Giant’, but like Saul I like the sound of ‘The Morgowr’ best!
Granny Moff loves this story …. let me know if you enjoy it as well.



Year after year the Morgowr came back to life and changed back to stone.
This went on and on until ……
one night the Morgowr was having a swim when some angry fishermen saw him.
“We will sell him for a few hundred pounds” one said. So they chased after him.
The Morgowr swam as fast as he could, but before he could go onto land and turn into stone they caught him!
The next day the put him on sale, but nobody bought him.  “We will put him on sale tomorrow” said one.
Mysteriously the last person to the market was the Morgow’s old friend J.
J was a teenager but still had the coin and remembered him.
He didn’t like seeing his friend hurt.  
Luckily he had an idea. At night he rescued the Morgowr and hid him in his garden.
The next day the angry fishermen were even angrier.
“Lets get them” said one, “and deal with the beast” said another.
That night the fishermen crept up every street looking for the Morgowr. Instead of looking for ages, they hid near J’s house.
In the morning J brought the Morgowr to the sea to hide, but the fishermen followed.
Then the fishermen surprised them! J climbed on the Morgowr’s back and he swam as fast as he could.
The Morgowr quickly told the Basking Shark to send the most scary fish he could find. 
“That will scare them!” said J.
“Where have they gone?” said one fisherman.
After a while they spotted the Morgowr and J, who swam as fast as they could to give time to the Basking Shark.
Finally the fisherman caught them but before they could get to land a Swordfish’s nose came right out into the wood of the boat!
The ship sank which left the fishermen swimming for their lives and screaming all the way!
The Morgowr was saved.