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Children's books written and illustrated by Judy Scrimshaw

Judy Scrimshaw, aka Granny Moff the author and illustrator of The Ballad of Morgowr printed in CornwallGranny Moff has begun her journey into publishing children's books in 2015. Since then she has been very busy and has already published four books; The Ballad of Morgowr and Morgowr the Sea Giant Colouring Books 1, 2 and 3.

The Ballad of Morgowr is her first, it is a massive 116 pages of full beautiful full colour illustrations available in both paperback and hardback.

Morgowr the Sea Giant Colouring Books follow the poem form the book The Ballad of Morgowr but with text for younger children and illustrations for them to finish colouring.

The Little Red Egg a tale of the last dragons of Wales, and how they ended up in Cornwall.

Morgowr and the Leatherback Turtle Morgowr, the legendary Cornish plesiosaur, rescues a Leatherback Turtle who is in distress from eating jetsam, mistaking a floating plastic bag for food.

Morgowr and the Pirate-Eating Megalodon This is the strange tale of Cornwall’s legendary sea monster Morgowr (Cornish for Sea Giant), who makes friends with a boy who grows up to be a pirate, and is eaten by a giant shark.

Morgowr Ov, I'm Morgowr - Bilingual in Cornish/English Winner of 2019 Holyer an Gof Publishers’ Awards for Children’s Books in Cornish and the Lien Kernewek Cup from the Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek (the Cornish Language Fellowship).

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The Ballad of Morgowr

Morgowr the Sea Giant Colouring Books

The Little Red Egg

Morgowr and the Leatherback Turtle

Morgowr and the Pirate-Eating Megalodon

Morgowr Ov - I'm Morgowr


Books to look forward to in the future include...

Capt'n Spargo Cornish Pirate Pig
Morwenna Pendragon and Cornish Legends
Morgowr and the Spanish Armada
Morgowr Down Under
Morgowr in the Surf